The artist in murk

"Darkness is the stage of neon. The lines,the shine and the shadow express the charm of colors conscientiously. Gorgeous, the artist of darkness."
Meet The Team

Neoicorn About

We love light and shadow, and love to light a lamp to bring surprises about color and space changes. We are immersed in the concrete charm of lines, graphics and fonts. Neon lights are a concrete collection of human culture and light, and we love this kind of culture. We explore the possibilities of light, and make light symbolize into our lives in the form of points, lines and surfaces. Neon lights are the concrete product of this story. Darkness, soundlessness, and gradual changes are the mysterious magic that neon lights bring to us. She gave guidance in the dark, letting the information convey a mysterious atmosphere and create a special feeling.

We explore the possibility of symbolizing light bodies, thinking about how beautiful elements can more accurately convey information and better provide a beautiful atmosphere. We have our own light and shadow laboratory, and we have our own production factory in Zhejiang, China. In the future, we will continue to output our knowledge about light and shadow. We provide customized services and can directly customize the products each customer needs. We have our own new product channel, and you can discuss new neon elements with us in our ins or pinterest discussions.

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